Mealplan by Michelle Lewin App Reviews

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Less than impressed

Recipes are random, not cohesive. Recipes don’t lend themselves to meal prep well. Too many recipes are low carb/high fat, but I often have more carbs and less fat to play with in my macros. There needs to be more variation. Why do we need like 3 arepa recipes? Why is there a jam recipe all by itself that doesnt go with anything? It’s like you guys ran out of ideas and just started putting random things together. This app was not worth the money based on my experience so far. I can’t say I’m impressed.



Me encanta esta app!

Me encanta esta app solo que me gustaría que actualizaran por lo menos 2 recetas nuevas semanales ;)

Love the recipes

I love this app. I've made about 7 things so far and like almost all of them. The things I like about this app is: 1) The ingredient list is pretty short and healthy 2) The quick videos make it so much easier to follow 3) The recipes are delicious 4) I love that the recipes calculate the calories and servings for you.

Great potential but...

I just downloaded the app and was getting started with recipes. However, there are too many variables that aren't being accounted for. In the recipes that call for protein powder, every protein powder scoop varies in size. Having a weight would be the best as I don't want to have to buy a specific brand of protein powder to have the right scoop. The only thing I've tried so far is the waffles and it is thus far proving frustrating. I made Belgian waffles and it made 2; I adjusted the recipe to make 4 but this is what I got. Note: my protein powder has greens in it and these were absolutely disgusting and inedible. I had such high hopes for these. I'm a bit nervous to try other recipes with protein powder but looking forward to others. I upgraded my account for more recipes.

Wasn’t quite what I was hoping for

I was a little disappointed that the meal plan repeats the same meals everyday for the whole week. I don’t enjoy eating the same meals everyday all week long. The only way you can change them is by upgrading. If I already paid $3.99 for the app I wouldn’t expect to have to pay again. Also, the whole app has less than 100 recipes spread out over different categories. I do like that you can adjust the serving sizes and the units of measurement.

Awesome meals for a great price

Get the foods Michelle eats! I’ve been waiting for this for years and I love it.

I love it

Is worth it im so happy with this app thank you❤️

Happy to find this!

The meals looks amazing and the way the app is organized makes it really simple use! Already tried the Chicken Adobo and Lemon broccoli with rice. Both AMAZING!

Loving the food

I have been prepping out daily week lunch meals. And honestly it’s easy fresh and quick my husband and I love it. Thank you very much

Great help!

Love it!!! Thanks Michelle 👌🏼

No Audio

Can’t hear anything... But everything looks delicious and easy to make!


I am so impressed with the attention to detail and range of dishes. The way meals are categorized is intuitive. It is effortless to determine ingredient measurements for any number of portions. This app is getting the ratings it has earned.

Five stars

Excelente app!

Delicious recipes

This is a cool app but You can’t hear the videos the volume it’s up but u can’t hear it 😕

This app is awesome

Made the best lamb chops tonight! Thanks Michelle! 👩🏻‍🍳

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